When you are turning a spare room in your home from a place where you just stow things when you don’t really need them into a functional space you can use on a daily basis, the possibilities are endless. Use Self Storage Singapore to get rid of the clutter, have a place for unseasonable or large items, and free up a lot of space for a home office, a yoga studio or a children’s play room.

Get Rid of the Clutter

a woman preparing herself to clean and declutter the shelves

This is of course, the most important first step. If you want to use a space in your home for personal development, first you have to clear it out. Think of it like clearing out a place in your home, but also clearing out your mind. Once you see the space without a bunch of junk in it, it will allow your mind to wander and come up with the most creative of uses for the space. You will see the dimensions, just how much space you have and really start to plan furniture and activities that will take place in there.

Plan Your Decor

an empty room being painted green with a paint roller

Once you have a blank space to use, you should think about how you want it to look. That is one of the things that’s best about having a room for a functional purpose – you can choose the purpose as well as the room’s appearance. For this, it’s best to look into such things as the color theory of psychology, figure out a room’s color palette by what you want it to say, how you want the room to make people feel. For example, the calming blue and green hues of an ocean or a still sky can give you a peaceful, tranquil feeling, perfect for a yoga or meditation studio or a craft room where you go to unwind after stressful day. Warmer shades, like reds or oranges can have a powerful feeling, perfect for a home office where you bring your ambitions to life.

Obtain the Appropriate Furnishings

a stunning home office that is well oraganized and simple

Another exciting part of the process of turning a spare room into a functional space is choosing the appropriate furnishings. Once you have stored much of the clutter, with the help of Self Storage Singapore, you will see just what the dimensions of the room are. You know just the size of the furniture you’re going to need, and this can help you make a decision as to what kind of furniture you want in the room. For example, a home office will need a desk large enough for all the materials you use every day, as well as a comfortable chair that will put you at ease. If it’s a home gym you’re after, seeing the amount of space you have can help you decide just the right pieces of equipment that you’ll need. For a children’s play area, you’ll see just how much space they have to spread out and play, as well as plan the appropriate storage for toys.

All That’s Left to do is Enjoy It

a happy young asian family sitting on a couch with cardboard boxes beside them

Whether you want a functional, all purpose room like a home office or a craft room, or something heavily specialized and niche, like a room in which to wrap your gifts, Using Self Storage Singapore to get rid of all your junk and give you the space to spread out is something all homeowners could use. Use the space to your fullest advantage, by getting much healthier with the help of tour new home gym, or keeping the family happy with a place for the children to play. You will have a dedicated space for the thing that you want, so that you are not crowding the couch with work supplies, or leaving toys and mall craft items underfoot. This will be a space where, when you enter it, your mind is focused on the task at hand. A home gym can be a space that gives you the freedom to get fit in a safe space. A yoga studio should be restful and put you at ease from the moment you enter it.

Taking a spare room in your house and turning it into a functional space is a great endeavour to undertake. Take all the stored away stuff and get it to Self Storage Singapore to free up the area, then plan the appropriate decor and furnishings and put the now functional space to the best possible use.